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Oil Tempered Wire Forms

Posted by Plymouth Spring on Dec 17, 2015 8:00:00 AM | Leave a Comment

 Tempering wire is a process of heat treating the wire to increase the toughness of the metal by decreasing the hardness.

oil_tempered_wire_form.pngTempering is typically done after hardening by heating the metal then allowing it to cool. The specifics of how the metal is tempered vary depending on the type of metal, tempering method, and desired outcome. When wire is oil tempered, however, it means that the wire has been cooled by quenching it in oil. Oil tempered wire is stronger and longer lasting than untempered wire.

Oil tempered wire can be bent and cut into wire forms for a wide variety of applications. For instance, each year we produce 10,000-25,000 oil tempered wire firms for a welding industry client. This customer approached us needing a wire form that could be used as a welding shield retainer within welding helmets.

While manufacturing the wire forms, we held tightest tolerances of  ±.005″ throughout and, at completion, the wire form measured 5.570″ long, 5.282″ wide and had a wire diameter of .060″.

Check out our video about this particular product below, or click here to see the product specifications.

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