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Fourslide Custom Metal Clips

Posted by Plymouth Spring on Mar 8, 2016 12:30:00 PM | Leave a Comment

Fourslide stamping combines forming and stamping of metal fabrications into one machine. When a consumer goods company came to us with a metal retaining clip design and asked if this can be built our engineering department and their designers worked together to get to a solution that could be manufactured.

4_slide_clip.jpgThis clip for consumer house hold products is designed to retain plastic and metal parts controlling access and position for the consumer product. Plymouth Spring developed a design for manufacturability plan and built a number of prototypes to test function and repeatability.  The part is made with 1050 annealed steel, the four slide equipment and process create the final shape, we then heat treat the parts and then they are all plated with Zinc.

During the four slide process creates  the lances, a cut and pushed out area designed as the fitting area where one part and another mate to ensure they are securely fastened together. There are multiple bends in the finished part including 90 degree, angled, and radius bends. The fourslide machines then  stamp and cut the final outer shape. 


Fourslide stamping technology is known for its ability to produce just about anything an engineer can design.  At Plymouth Spring we operate fourslide stamping equipment that is enhanced further with the ability to perform in-machine hole tapping. This update eliminates a costly and time-consuming secondary punching operation. If additional stamping processes are needed, we  offer deburring, welding, and special packaging to name a few. When a project requires more finishing processes, we have access to many experienced partners who provide most any additional finishing requirement. All of our fourslide stamped products meet or exceed top industry standards, and can be manufactured in full compliance with requirements from ANSI, ASME, ASTM, DFARS, ISO, MIL-SPEC, and much more.

See our four slide machines in action here:

Our team combines our knowledge base with our experience and talent to deliver you a high quality, low-cost part on time every time. To learn more about our innovative fourslide stamping processes please contact the experts at Plymouth Spring, today.

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