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CNC Wire Forming

Posted by Plymouth Spring on Dec 15, 2015 8:00:00 AM | Leave a Comment

Precision wire forming is often accomplished with a variety of wire forming methods.

cnc wire formingWhen developing a solution for a custom wire form, we often make use of multiple fabrication processes. From wire bending to notching and piercing, each fabrication process requires precision and planning to achieve long lasting, durable wire forms.

One of the most common wire forming fabrication processes that we make use of is CNC wire forming. CNC controlled machinery allows for a great degree of control over the wire forming process, quick fabrication cycles, and makes custom wire forms much easier to achieve.

Check out our coiling CNC wire former in action, demonstrating a few of the custom wire forming options!

You can also see how we set up the CNC wire former so that it's ready to begin feeding wire into the coiler, before its formed or cut.

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